Back in 1997 a game was in the demo stages called Starfleet Command, from this game would spawn one of the most known fleets to ever play the game.  In 1998 a group of elite Federation pilots formed a fleet in the Starlance Games League known simply as RÄGE (Rogue Ärrow Galactic Empire).  Upon achieving 2 top 5 finishes in the league Starfleet Command 2 was released. Upon the opening of the league for SFC2 RÄGE was once again in the running's for the top 5 again. With internal conflicts and the betrayal of the founding admiral in charge defecting to one if it's biggest rival fleets iCoP, RÄGE continued on. In October of 2001 the Starlance gaming leagues closed down causing many fleets to disband and the end of RÄGE was imminent. In late November of 2001 the last original founding member reformed the fleet and joined the Gamer Z Leagues for Starfleet Command 2. With a slow and rocky start the fleet was reformed and is still continues forth this day. RÄGE has been in many games including some web based games like Astro Empires. Currently we are active in Battlefield 2142, Astro Empires, Eve Online, and World of Warcraft, RÄGE continues to expand into more Games and now with our eyes set on Star Trek Online we will continue to dominate the Sci-Fi game genre and expand into the Global FPS scene soon. In 2006 the main core group name of RÄGE changed to the Ruthless Äggression Gaming Experience, and is currently lead by Bengallie HMFIC of operations and 2nd in command Wizvac RÄGE will continue its tradition to having fun and good sportsmanship in games. Each division leader is vital to the operations of the fleet and maintain each division to the standards set forth by the HMFIC. Although the HMFIC sets the rules by no means is the fleet ruled by one person, Each division leader and their second in command all have a vote in the future and decision making of the fleet.  To this day RÄGE is still remains and is one of the oldest fleets in Star Trek games along with iCoP, 3RD fleet, FBF, 32nd, RFA, PGC, and KHH (if I missed any of you sorry let me know) and still one of the most respected fleets in the game to this day.

The folowing is a list of the original founding members as best remembered by Bengallie

Cyberbeer, AdmiralHoy, WidowMaker, Seandals, Bengallie1, Frost, Reaper, Sensai

(if I've forgoten any sorry but you had to have been in the fleet by April 1998)

Other original members still in RÄGE

J_T_Kirk, Wizvac, Bengallie1

For the current list of RÄGE Members visit our Member section for complete lists of members in each division. If you wish to join the ranks of RÄGE Please click on the JOIN US button.